Sarah Dickey

Yoga / Blogger


Sarah Dickey is a certified transpersonal life coach and an advanced heart-centered hypnotherapist, as well as a yoga instructor. Her 200-hour certification as a registered yoga teacher was gained through Yoga Alliance, and she was trained in Hot Power Vinyasa in 2012 through Studio Oxygen. Yoga continually sparks Sarah’s curiosity and offers her a space to ‘live’ the lessons both on and off her mat. It also offers her a space of humility, as she is continually reminded that Yoga is a practice, not a perfect.

Additionally, Sarah writes books. Her enchantment with words began as a young girl, and she has continued to cultivate this devotion into adulthood.Ode to Love, her first book, is a testament to that. Sweetly Seeking: Living an Inspired Life, available now.