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The very first lesson of our teacher training happened within the first few minutes of our first night as we, the trainees, were meeting for the first time. As each of us nervously shared our names and a little about how we became one of the people sitting in that circle, I heard again and again how every person “almost didn’t…” The message was crystal clear; Our thoughts often threaten to steal our momentum and opportunity, which interestingly enough is the point of yoga – restricting the mind-stuff. If the training had ended right then, I would have gotten my money’s worth but there was so much more.

There were thirteen of us, and we still group text and get together. We are friends, real, good, supportive friends. The shared experience of learning so much about life and spirituality and the practice was so beautiful and intimate. But being surrounded by a group of people who reinforced one another and were free to be honest and to succeed, to falter, to grow and change – that was life altering.

I lost my dad, unexpectedly, two weeks before the end of our training. It was devastating, but we had learned so much from our teachers about the nature of life and the yogic philosophy of death that helped me embrace the goodness. My family couldn’t believe I still wanted to go to training the weekend of his funeral, but there was significant emotional relief in the lessons and the practice and the relationships. I’ll never be the same.

If you are considering this training, I can’t encourage you enough. Your practice will be enhanced. You will be inspired to inspire everyone you meet. You will grow and change and connect in ways you haven’t ever imagined. You’ll never be the same.

Take all the doubts, the cons, the reasons – whatever thoughts threaten your training opportunity, and save them for the first time you’re sitting with the other trainees, then you can share how you overcame the mental chatter to take your place in the circle. Go for it!

Love, Andrea Pouliot RYT 200