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As Studio Oxygen gears up for the Dharma Yoga Immersion at the Canfield Studio October 16-October 20, 2016 we thought it would be a lovely introduction for you to meet one of the co-teachers of this Immersion.  (And don’t forget, there is still time to sign up online or give a call to the studio to attend this event!)

Gabrielle Sulc, otherwise known as ‘Yogini Kali’ reached out to answer some questions in regards to her Yogic journey as well as some questions surrounding the Immersion.  The Studio is so blessed to be hosting Yogini Kali and Brendan as they walk our community through this Yogi Immersion.

Gabrielle, can you share with the readers a little of your Yogic journey?

I started practicing yoga in a gym about 15 years ago for no particular reason other than the fitness class I was routinely taking changed to half yoga/half cycling. After many years I found Sri Dharma Mittra and my life had a new focus. I have over 1100 teacher training certifications and my life is dedicated to the practice of yoga which includes sharing the knowledge that has been imparted to me.

The immersion states that it is being offered for both teachers and students of the 8 limb path, what else could you share with us about a typical day?

I’m so excited about this Immersion. Brendan and I share a passion for yoga philosophy and always look forward to teaching in a way in which students can relate and incorporate the practices into their lives. So what I will share about a typical day is that it will enrich your life whether you’re a teacher who will share this information with others or a student who will use the knowledge to live more consciously. On a daily basis we will: cover pranayama and meditation techniques, practice asanas w/a daily focus, learn the method for deep relaxation, and present and discuss a yoga philosophy topic. There is more but I think that’s a good start.

If someone is new to the practice of Yoga, what advice would you impart to them?

Something Sri Dharma says often is not to be too hard on yourself. Don’t put any expectations on yourself. Stick with a practice that is accessible (whether it’s physical asana, or meditation) and keep showing up for it, over and over again. Then you will get the benefits of yoga.

Do you have a favorite piece of Yogic wisdom that you refer to on a regular basis.

It’s not very complicated. I find myself saying what I’ve heard Sri Dharma say many times…”do your best.” It’s so simple to say. My Mom used to say that. But if you can do it in every moment, in all circumstances- that’s yoga. We can easily put this idea into motion in a physical class by pushing our limits in the poses or knowing when to back off. Just this small amount of awareness is monumental in life. We learn to identify what our “best” is in every moment and aim for that.

For anyone new to the practice of Yoga, how would introduce the 8 limb path to a beginner.

I first like to share what the aim of the 8 limb path is because it’s something we all want to achieve: a constant state of happiness or bliss. The previous 7 limbs are practices and preparations to get us there.

At this point in your life how is the practice of Yoga keeping you engaged in your mission on this Earth?

Definitely. The practice of Yoga is how I live my life. My mission is to share it with anyone who’s interested.

Favorite space for your personal practice?

My personal practice includes pranayama, meditation, and asana. I have a small space in my home that is set up for this purpose, that’s where I usually practice.

What are you hoping for people to walk away with from this immersion?

I want students to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and be inspired to incorporate these teachings into their lives. I want students to know it’s possible to live consciously, kindly, and happily.