What Is Yoga

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word yuj is a system of physical and mental practices. In most cases, people associate yoga with the practice of postures called asanas. These physical postures (or poses) are intended to promote physical strength and stamina while purifying the body.

I've never done yoga before. What class should I take?

Beginners and first time visitors should start with our Yoga Basics or Hot Yoga Basics classes. Also, look for Beginner’s Yoga Workshops, they are a great way to jump-start your practice. Remember, your practice is your own and there is never a reason to compare yourself with other students. With patience your practice will evolve.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

Not at all. We are all somewhere on the flexibility continuum. With consistent practice your flexibility and strength will improve.  Every yoga class offered at Studio Oxygen focuses on improving your balance, focus, strength and range of motion.

What should I wear to yoga class?

The most important advice we can give is, wear comfortable clothing made of breathable fabric. It’s important that your clothing isn’t overly loose, and that the fabric can move with your body. Many men wear t-shirts and either gym shorts or yoga pants. Women wear yoga pants, leggings or shorts and a top that is not too loose. Remember that a loose top may ride up (or down when your hands are on the ground or you bend over) so you want to make sure it stays in place.

How do I sign up for class?

You may sign up right at our studio or do so online by clicking here.

Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes. You will want to practice on a sticky yoga mat to assure you have sufficient grip and padding. You can borrow one at the studio at no charge or purchase one at our boutique. You may also want to bring a small towel to wipe down the mat when it gets slippery.