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During this season of hustle and bustle, it is all too easy to dismiss the benefits of our Yogic practice.  As the wind howls and the to-do lists pile up, somehow our practice schedule can end up at the bottom of our list.  No matter the length or depth of your practice, it becomes imperative that you begin to nurture the ebb and flow of your practice in accordance with your life.  Perhaps there will be days where you feel like a yoga rockstar, and then maybe, other days you will find yourself wanting to wrap up in a cocoon of blankets.

Yoga is about aligning and honoring.  As you notice the ebb and flow in your practice, begin to take note of the type of class that would best suit your energy level as well as the energy of your life at the moment.  The studio is well versed in offering various classes to support your evolution.

If you notice your energy level at its peak, then perhaps a heated power class will be best suited for you.  You’ll move at a vigorous pace and detox as you sweat under the infrared heat panels. Don’t forget to bring your towel and water!  If you are looking to slow things down and hon in on the precise movements, then check out a basis class.  It is in these classes, the Baptiste series will be broken down and you’ll learn the postures and alignment cues.  And if you are looking to sloooooow it all down, sign up for a Yin class.  A Yin class offers a space to truly relax and recharge.  Don’t be dismayed though, my first Yin class was more challenging than a Power class, because it becomes the practice of sitting with ones self.  You find your edge in the primarily seated postures, you then allow yourself to fidget, and then you allow your entire body to be still for upwards of 5-8 minutes.  You’ll find yourself supported with blankets, bolsters, and blocks in this class.  I love a Yin class, and just be forewarned- people have reported sleeping like a baby after a Yin class!

There truly is a Yoga class suited for everybody!  In this season of your life, honor your practice by choosing a class that supports your energy and your life!!

Namaste Yogi’s!

May You Be blessed by the gifts of this life changing practice!