Experience the overall health benefits of this ancient practice. Using the breath and simple poses to tone and shape the body, improve strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and reduce stress. Whether you are starting your yoga journey or taking the next step we are confident you will love the atmosphere and teaching style at Studio Oxygen.


Indoor cycling classes improve cardiovascular endurance. Work out to fun & invigorating music with motivating instructors. Empower your body and mind for a complete body workout. From progressive hills, steady flats and heart-pumping intervals will keep you engages and motivated resulting in a kick-butt calorie-burning ride!


High energy classes that integrate interval training with Ballet Barre and Pilates to quickly and safely reshape your entire body. Our low impact workout combines sculpting, Barre and Pilates Mat exercises to help you create a longer, leaner, and more sculpted body. Focusing on alignment and form will develop proper posture and a well-toned body