Alyssa Carbon

Desk / Yoga

I began seriously practicing yoga in 2012 at Studio Oxygen. I had taken several yoga classes in college however, when I entered Studio Oxygen I finally realized the mind and body benefits of yoga. Yoga has become a part of my daily life because of the combination of physical fitness and spiritual connection that the practice provides.

I knew that I wanted to teach yoga soon after I began practicing daily. I am also a fifth grade teacher in the Girard City Schools and began to bring my yoga practice into my classroom. My students couldn’t get enough of it and began asking when we were going to be practicing more yoga. Just like me, my students loved the peace that yoga brought into their lives.

After seeing how my student reacted to yoga, I knew I needed to go through my teacher training at Studio Oxygen in order to bring the benefits of yoga to children and adults. I completed my training in September of 2015 and I am so grateful for the opportunities that Marianne and Studio Oxygen have provided to me. Because of the things I have learned from my yoga practice, my life will never be the same.