Stephanie Edgerly


Running had always been my main form of exercise, and so I reluctantly began practicing yoga in 2012 after hearing that it could improve my flexibility and overall stamina. My reluctance quickly transformed into enthusiasm toward the practice.  I practiced yoga basics for years, building a foundation before taking any power classes. Yoga has become a critical part of my life, and I continue to grow not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Being an elementary school teacher by day and an educator at heart, I knew I wanted to share this practice with others. I completed my yoga teacher training in March of 2016 through Studio Oxygen under the guidance of Marianne Hritz, studio owner. After meeting an incredible group of women, and learning so much about the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga, I was eager to share my knowledge. I am so grateful for my opportunity to teach from the heart here at Studio Oxygen.